Ukulele Teacher/ Workshops

Ukulele Teacher-

Julie Minto aka “Juju” holds a current blue card and teaches Ukulele using a fun instant play method for kids that will have them playing basic chords and  songs they can sing along to  in a  few short lessons. She has studied with internationally acclaimed ukulele teacher and player James Hill who brought his Ukulele In The Classroom Course to Australia for the first time ever in 2014. Juju has facilitated workshops at Folk Redlands Ukulele Convention, Coast Acoustics Festival and “Making music Jam with The Jam Tarts” at Spruke Brisbane Ukulele Festival 2016

The ukulele is one of the worlds most accessible, inexpensive  and popular instruments. In Canada it is an integral  part of primary school music programs and is rapidly replacing the recorder in Australian schools.

The ukulele is an easy to play instrument and a great way of introducing kids to the love of making music.Birkdalian Ukulalians